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A New York Times Magazine travel piece described the city's prostitution district as the perfect place for an after-dinner walk: Inside the tiny, large-windowed storefronts, women of all ages, races and shapes chatted on cell phones, read magazines or posed suggestively.Many were strikingly beautiful and most, apparently health conscious, had large bottles of spring water beside their stools.Many male customers from richer, or Western or developed countries (and also Thai men) are drawn to these areas owing to the abundance and even spectacle of commoditized sexuality.For feminist scholars this form of ‘tourism constitutes their power in terms of class, race and gender’ [8].Since sex trafficked women constitute a hidden population the increasing or decreasing figures are most probably educated guesses [1].If we see this phenomenon as a sort of human exploitation its economical potential stems in part from the low investment, low risk and reusable nature of the commodity itself.Here's what Amsterdam resident Shannon Mc Allister had to say about the red light district in a post on The close proximity of Amsterdam's Red Light District to the city's main train terminal, Centraal Station, means it's often a first stop for visitors who arrive having heard all about the famously provocative area.

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With the development and growth of the tourist industry beginning in the 1980s, Bangkok sex areas became institutionalized as tourist attractions, a naturally accepted element of the city’s nightlife.Most of these women are living in the grey zone of sexually involved workers, and explicit sexual activities can happen in a short period or part-time business [12].Involvement in sex is sometimes a result of situational opportunities, rational choice based on free will, cost-benefit considerations etc. According to this perspective, sex tourism depends more on the opportunities available in everyday routine activities and in the natural ecology surrounding the men, women, traffickers etc. It may be easier to tempt people with the opportunity to make money with an associated low risk, or to offer more independence and upgrading standards of living [15].These women may be happier than sex workers in other red light districts because they get to socialize with one another.

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While "window rooms" in other districts may be relatively siloed, the units in Antwerp are connected in blocks of three, five, or seven units, according to Weitzer.In 2000, the city's mayor squeezed prostitution into a heavily regulated, three-block "tolerance zone." The mayor personally signs all permits for owners of prostitution "windows," so the city takes its rules and building codes seriously.

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