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14-Jul-2017 05:17

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Let’s go on a date.” Your counter argument may be “Well, she put that picture up, so that means it’s OK to comment on it.” Not so.Just because you posted a picture of yourself up doesn’t make it OK for her to point out your beer belly or balding spot. Bad Example: “I can tell you like the beach as you have a few pics up there.But if you want to stand out, throwing a little anti-shade his way couldn’t hurt. I love that you build your own furniture — that’s so cool.It must have taken a lot of practice and trial-and-error to get it right.Good job on sticking it out and getting good at it.” Many women like to post pictures of themselves at the beach, and many women, while at the beach, wear a bikini, but just because she’s in a bikini doesn’t make it appropriate to immediately comment on it.It’s not like you can go up to a woman in a bar and say “That strapless dress is so sexy.I probably would have ignored him based on his pics and profile. ” So let me be your dating personal trainer and give you some do’s and don’ts of messaging.

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Good Example: “I love the fact that you have a picture of yourself at a renaissance festival! ” Yes, dating is all about getting to know each other, sharing, and learning, but there is plenty of time for that down the road. You may have so much in common with each other that you just have to tell him all about it.

But dating sites are like gyms — sure, you sort of know how to use all of the tools, but you’re probably not maximizing them.

And worse, if you do it wrong, you could actually be hurting yourself. It can turn a “maybe” into a “yes” or “yes” into a “no.” My friend and client Sarah told me, “One guy wrote me an absolutely adorable poem about me after reading I was a poet.

And since you say one of your favorite places is Momofuku Milk Bar, I’m guessing you live on the Upper West side, right?! That said, it’s so nice to get a bit of a compliment from a lady.

” Over the years, men have been turned down by dozens, if not hundreds, of women. It doesn’t have to be anything big or pandering, and definitely stay away from anything that could be interpreted sexually.However, it can come across as creepy, scary, and disconcerting.

We also take your privacy very seriously and do not trade your data to third parties for easy sharing buttons or analytics and things like that unlike most other web sites.… continue reading »

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